3 Key points to consider as a veteran athlete

Competitive sport has been around for ages and there are many researches available for competitive young adults to make recommendations on how to train, when to rest, how to eat, etc. Unfortunately, most of these researches were done on men in their 20s and 30s and while the general recommendations and ideas are probably similar for everyone, there are some age and gender-specific issues that are not always well enough addressed. I already wrote articles before aiming for female athletes and young athletes. This article is for all the veteran athletes (40 years old and above) who want to improve their performance […]

Water loading

The concept of water loading is been around for quite some time now. The idea is to first drink a huge amount of water, some athletes drink even more than 10 liters a day, followed by a water restriction. Bro-science shows that athletes continue to urinate even though they don’t drink those large amounts of water anymore with the result that they actually lose a lot of water weight. Up to a year ago, there was no actual research that proofed this anecdotic effect. Last year high-quality research by the Australian Institute of Sport shed some light on the matter. […]

How not to get fat as a judo coach

An article for judoinside.com It’s January and the 2019 World Judo Tour is about to take off. Last year we talked about how to keep your weight in check as an athlete when competing multiple competition in a row. Nobody ever thinks about it, but also for coaches this can be a challenge. Coaching athletes on the World Circuit means travelling a lot, dining out most of the time and working round the clock. Just like athletes, coaches need to take care of their health. Nutrition wise this can be challenging.   Read more on judoinside.com

Detoxing after the Holidays

Lately many articles have pop-up about detoxing your body after the holidays. Yes, we might have had a few glasses too much to drink, we probably ate more than we should have and most likely also didn’t eat as healthy as we normally do. But does this really mean our bodies are filled with toxins we need to get rid of? What is a “detox diet” or “cleanse”? There is not just one type of “detox diet” it comes in different varieties. A few examples are: Fasting for 1-3 days, meaning simply not eating at all. Juice cleanse: A diet […]

5 tips to prevent overeating

Tip #1: Go for quality, not quantity When you crave food and allowed yourself a little treat, go for the best of the best. When you decide to eat some chips choose the one you love the most and not the one that has the least calories. A classic example of this is the Oven Baked Chips. While it’s true that it contains less fat, it is not much healthier. If you crave real chips than go for it. Don’t try to replace it with something that sounds healthier, instead enjoy what you love in moderation.   Tip #2: Give […]

How to make plain yogurt tasty

Fruit yogurt is a typical source of hidden sugar. All the sweetness of fruit yogurt doesn’t really come from the fruit but is most likely to come from added sugar. Therefore an often repeated suggestion is to buy plain unsweetened yogurt eat it either as it is or add some fruit yourself. Doing this you’re 100% sure your fruit yogurt actually contains a decent amount of fruit and it’s free from added sugar. Making a switch from fruit yogurt to unsweetened plain yogurt is often a high hurdle to take, especially for people with a sweet tooth that are not […]

Six Cooking Tricks to Keeping Your Family Happy and Healthy Over the Summer

– Guest post by Dylan Foster – Summer is here, and the heat is on for parents looking to provide healthy meals for their kids over the summer break. With so many cookouts and pool parties around the corner, it can be a challenge to make sure your family is eating healthfully. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to ensure that everyone enjoys the season while keeping a healthy diet. Here are six tips for keeping your family happy and healthy during the summer season. Take Advantage of the Summer Harvest Nothing beats the taste of fruits and vegetables that are […]

IOC consensus statement supplements

Needs and safety A lot of athletes use supplements however they’re not always aware of the exact effects those supplements have and if they really need them in the first place. The term supplement doesn’t have a singular definition. The IOC defined it in its consensus statement as:   “A food, food component, nutrient, or non-food compound that is purposefully ingested in addition to the habitually consumed diet with the aim of achieving a specific health and/or performance benefit.”   While some supplements definitely have health and performance benefits, a lot of claims about supplements are not backed by science […]

Food labels

To know if a certain product is healthy for you, you need to read the food labels. Because reading food labels is a hassle and not everyone knows how to interpret it, some countries started marking products with a star or color code to make it clear to consumers what is healthy and what is not. While those systems may seem like a good idea, it’s much more complicated than this. There are just too many factors that play a role in deciding if a certain product is healthy or not. Nestle is one of the companies that managed to […]

5 Healthy bites to watch the FIFA World Cup

Crispy chickpea’s Chickpeas are a good source of proteins, especially for people that don’t eat meat. A tasty way to eat them in front of the TV is by baking them in the oven. Pour a can of ready-made chickpeas in a bowl together with 1-2 spoons of olive oil, some spices and salt. Cover the bowl and shake it until the oil, spices and salt cover all the chickpeas. Place the chickpeas on a baking plate (preferably with bakery paper) and put it in the oven for 20 minutes. You’re free to choose the spices you like, I usually […]