Why a dietitian?

Improve your performance

To bring your performance to the next level you need a personal nutritional plan. A good nutrition plan supports your training and helps recovery.

Make weight efficiently

Losing and cutting weight are common practices leading up to a competition, but it doesn’t need to be torture or unhealthy. When approaching a competition, I work with a special 1-week schedule to reach your weight and be ready to kick-ass.

100% attention

As an athlete, you often have unexpected changes of plans and other difficulties. For additional questions and advice, I’m always easy to reach with text messages, email or Skype.

Everywhere in the world and online

Moving to a clinic for advice often does not fit into the busy schedule of an athlete and becomes quite difficult  whilst attending a training camp. I believe in flexibility. My consultations are mostly online, so you only need a smartphone, tablet or PC and all the information you need will come to you.

Making weight & Everything else

The ultimate nutrition guide for combat sports

Soon available on the website

Weight cutting

As a former -48kg fighter, I know what weight cutting feels like. As a certified dietitian, I know how to do it right!

Improve your performance

Use nutrition to bring your performance to the next level and prevent injuries.


Peak at crunch time. Consume the right nutrition after weigh-in and between fights.

Coaches and parents

Help young athletes eat right, they also want to do their best!