Amelie Rosseneu

  • Certified dietitian since 2010
  • 3rd Dan judo  & certfied judo coach
  • European Champion U23

Chasing my dreams in judo

My dream was always to become an Olympic champion. Unfortunately this didn't work out for me as I got badly injured at the wrong time and spent most of the Olympic qualification period in rehab. This doesn't mean I'm not happy with what I did achieve; it’s been an amazing journey in which I had a lot of fun and learnt a lot.

The question of what the highlight of my career was is not that easy to answer. I could say my European U23 title, but this was just the beginning. Winning the Grand Prix in Qingdao was a magical moment for me, and taking bronze 6 days later at the famous Grand Slam in Tokyo made it even better.

In 2014 I climbed up to 5th place on the World Ranking List. At the senior European Championships, I finished 5th twice - once under the Belgian flag and once under the Israeli flag. In total I collected 30 international medals of which 11 were first place, and won 7 national titles.

Accomplishments as a dietitian

As a dietitian and professional athlete, I was continuously trying to improve my performance with nutrition. My career in judo brought me much field expertise; I witnessed the problems athletes were dealing with from the first row and went through a lot of them myself.

As a student, I wrote an article about cutting weight for the magazine of the Flemish dietitian association. After my studies, I co-wrote a scientific article about my thesis in the Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts and one year later presented a poster about it at the European Science of Judo Symposium in Chelyabinsk (Russia). In the meantime I published a series of articles in the magazine of the Flemish judo federation and gave lectures about nutrition in judo for the project "Sport healthy".

My first big project was to write and teach the trainer course about nutrition for judo in Belgium. My second project is even bigger: Two years ago I started writing a book about nutrition and combat sports. I'm very excited that this book is about to get published.

I work with athletes of all levels as well as non-athletes. It feels pretty amazing when your client wins a world title, but it also brings much pleasure when a person improves his lifestyle and loses 30 kg.

Published articles

The future

My first book about nutrition and combat sports is going to be published soon, which I'm very excited about. Furthermore I'm looking to expand my business and share my knowledge as a dietitian and experience as an athlete with everybody that wants to create a more professional environment for athletes to achieve their goals.