Making Weight & Everything Else

Making Weight & Everything Else

Many athletes cut weight unprofessionally and suffer while doing so, but weight cutting doesn't have to be torture. There are easier ways to make weight besides running in sweat suits. As a former -48kg competitor I understand what a struggle feels like. I decided to study as a dietitian to better my judo career and now wrote this book to help others. I competed in hundreds of competitions, came back with medals from Grand Slams and Grand Prix tournaments, and always controlled my weight.

This book is the first nutrition book written by a successful athlete who is also an experienced dietitian. "Making Weight & Everything Else" is written in English and covers everything a combat sport fighter needs to know about food. It includes 198 pages, divided into 7 chapters and foreword by Neil Adams.

What kind of questions are answered in the book?

  • How to improve performance and recovery with food?
  • How to lose and gain weight safely?
  • How to cut weight efficiently in a healthy way?
  • How to choose sports drinks?
  • What to eat during a competition day?
  • What are the right supplements for you?
  • How to plan a healthy diet to support your training?
  • What should young athletes eat? Can they cut weight?

Who is this book for?

I wrote this book with Roni Schwartz who was also a high-level judo competitor, but "Making Weight & Everything Else" is definitely not for judokas alone. It is written for everyone who is involved in combat sports, from high-level athletes who aim for the Olympic games to young athletes. It even has a chapter for parents and coaches!

"Making Weight & Everything Else" fits athletes from all martial arts: Judo, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, karate, boxing, MMA, taekwondo and more.

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Countries the book reached

The book has reached 32 countries!