– Yvonne Boenisch

Seit 2009 arbeite ich als Trainerin und verbrachte zahlreiche Stunden mit der Recherche über richtige Ernährung für meine AthletInnen. Bisher jedoch konnte ich kein anderes Buch finden, das so komplex das Thema Gewichtmachen […]

– Neil Adams

There are many nutrition books on the market, yet none examine as fully or as effectively the relationship combative athletes have with nutrition. I believe Amelie is a pioneer in this field, making […]

– Amelie Rosseneu

I decided to study nutrition to better my judo career and now wrote this book to help others. I competed in hundreds of competitions, came back with medals from Grand Slams and Grand […]

– John

As an adult student Judoka looking to compete more, I have enjoyed reading Amelie’s book and have been able to apply her advice on cutting weight immediately to great effect. This book is […]

– Louise

“As an retired athlete and now coach in recreational and performance coaching, I wanted to look more into being able to explain to parents and children about healthy weight loss and cuts. I […]

– Derren

“Great read. As a novice at understanding weight management for Judo I found this book a simple guide in order what to do. It covers all facets of weight management and is very cleverly […]

– Nadav

“I got the book about a week before my competition and it helped me very much especially in cutting weight and how to eat during a competition. I won a golden medal, I’m […]

– Sarah

“A very interesting read, much more than making weight as title suggests. Very interesting piece on nutrition, vitamins, minerals, very responsibly written with safety and well-being promoted foremost throughout.”

– Tania

“I think it’s a must-read for every coach in combat sports! Despite information density, this book is a pleasant reading and it’s full of examples, different life situations and decision proposals.”