How to lose weight without a diet (part 3)

Take action

Losing weight requires you to take action. Don’t postpone it and start today!

Food diary

One of the easiest ways to become aware of what it is exactly you eat is to start a food diary. Write down everything you eat and drink. How did you feel after eating? What were the surroundings like when you ate? Did you enjoy the food? Are there external cues driving your eating decisions? How long did it take you to eat? Be as precise as possible!

Time your meals

Time your meals and make sure they last 20 minutes. This goes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. During that time you don’t watch TV, don’t read the newspaper, don’t check e-mails and don’t use Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. Your family and/or friends are allowed. Make mealtime quality times!


Cook at home with fresh and whole products. There is no place better to control what kind of food you eat than at home. When you cook at home for yourself and your family, you can control exactly what you eat. Use it as an advantage.

Set small goals and celebrate victories

Celebrate your small goals, but not with food. When you are on the right track towards your goal you should give yourself a treat. You worked hard, so you deserve it. Small goals can be not drinking soda for a week, not giving in to sugar craves for a week, not overeating during a dinner party,… Don’t celebrate with food, it gives the wrong signal. You can go buy yourself some flowers, go to the movies, … choose something you like to have or like to do.


Choosing from a big buffet is probably one of the hardest obstacles for someone trying to lose some weight. Before starting to fill your plate, it’s a good idea to first explore the options. After deciding what you’re going to eat, fill up your plate with keeping your dietary goals in mind. Don’t go for a second round!

Avoid alcohol

Alcoholic drinks are often high in energy. Alcohol is 7kcal/g. Cutting back on alcohol or only drinking it once in a while can seriously help you to keep energy balance.

    • Pils 330ml is about 150kcal
    • Duvel 330ml is about 200kcal
    • Glass of wine is about 80-150kcal
    • Baccardi breezer is about 180kcal
    • Glass of bailey’s is about 110kcal
    • Glass of champagne is about 88kcal


It might sound a bit weird, but meditating can also help you lose weight especially when you’re an emotional eater. Emotional eating has a lot to do with stress, so reducing the stress might help you lose weight. Meditating once in a while can help you relax. It might be difficult at first, but when you do it more often you get better at it. I suggest you try it today…


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