How coffee can help you perform better?

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Did you know that caffeine can improve your performance? Caffeine is probably the most used supplement in the world, without people being aware of if benefits. Athlete can use caffeine in competition to increase alertness.

The use of caffeine increases adrenaline, heart rate and blood pressure. It is found to improve endurance, high intensity and possibly strength-power exercise. It can promote fat oxidation and temporarily increase energy expenditure. Apart from physical advantages, caffeine is also shown to have cognitive advantages like alertness, vigilance and reaction time.

The best way to take caffeine:

Amount: 3-6 mg/kg body weight which is equal to about 2 shots of expresso or 1.5 energy shot for a 75kg athlete.
Time: The Caffeine in the blood reaches its peak about an hour after it is consumed. Therefore, drink your espresso about an hour before a fight in competition, or the most challenging part of training.

Be careful heavy daily caffeine use can have side effects like insomnia, nervousness, fast heartbeat, irritability, restlessness and others.


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