Start pack: Meal plan + 1 month follow up


Personalized meal plan adjusted to your personal needs and training sessions for every day of the week.
+ 1 month follow up



All meal plans are built by Amelie Rosseneu herself, taking into account your goals, current lifestyle, nutrition habits and preferences.

What do you get?

  • A thorough evaluation of your current nutrition habits.
  • Personalized meal plan adjusted to your personal needs and training sessions for every day of the week.
  • Meal plans are provided for optimal nutrition during training, weight loss, weight gain, body mass recomposition and/or adopting a healthier diet.
  • Supplement recommendations can be given if necessary.
  • Access to our supporting tracking app (only available for Android users).
  • One month of follow-up.

Please contact us before making a purchase if you suffer from any medical condition.

How does it work?

  1. After your purchase, you will be requested to:
    • Fill in a questionnaire about your medical background, nutrition and training habits.
    • Keep a food diary for 4 days
    • Sign a cooperation agreement
  2. Once I receive your answers and food dairy we will schedule a Skype chat in which:
    • You can already ask me some questions
    • I will ask you for some additional information if necessary
  3. After the call, I will finalize your nutrition plan.

* Please note that we’re located in Israel and work according to the local business hours.

Follow up

What does it include?
  • A weekly call: To make sure everything goes smoothly and resolve daily obstacles we schedule a weekly conversation over Skype or Whatsapp
  • Availability by WhatsApp: If you have a question, the training plan changed or you’re unsure about what to do, I’m always just a WhatsApp text away and will do my best to answer you as fast as I can.
  • Unlimited changes in your nutrition plan: It is my philosophy that a nutrition plan should be made to measure.
  • Special! Combat sports athletes: A competition is coming? I’ll be with you in every step of the way with a weight cutting plan and daily communication.
  • Commitment, honesty and professionality– I’ll do everything in my power to help you succeed.
What do I expect from you?
  • Commitment: For a nutrition plan to work, you need to follow it. Just like in sports if you don’t put consistent efforts in training you’re not going to get the performance you hoped for.
  • Honesty: Everybody has days where things are going better than others, it’s normal and it’s okay. If you were unable to follow the program, tell me! So we can find a solution together.
  • Communication: If the plan that I gave you doesn’t suit you, let me know. If you don’t like a certain food that is on your nutrition plan, feel hungry, or just miss your favorite snack, talk to me and we can find a solution. The plan should fit you, you shouldn’t fit the plan. In order to do that you need to communicate with me.
  • Send me your weight at least once a week: If you have an android phone you can install our app to track your weight. If you can’t install the app on your phone, you can just send me you’re weight in WhatsApp and I’ll track it for you.



Who is it for?

  • Athletes who want to improve performance
  • People looking for a healthy lifestyle
  • People looking to lose weight
  • People looking to gain weight


The service is available in Dutch and English