"There are many nutrition books on the market, yet none examine as fully
or as effectively the relationship combative athletes have with nutrition. I
believe Amelie is a pioneer in this field, making a massive contribution to
her sport, and to mine."

 - Neil Adams MBE


Take your performance to the next level by using nutrition to your benefit. This book will teach you everything you need to know about nutrition.  "Making Weight & Everything Else" is written by a certified dietitian who is also a former top athlete in judo. The book is in English, includes 198 pages and is divided into 7 chapters. The foreword was written by Neil Adams MBE.

This unique book is scientifically based with quotes and anecdotes of real athletes. It contains theoretical chapters as well as practical advice. "Making Weight & Everything Else" fits athletes, coaches, and parents from all martial arts: Judo, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, karate, boxing, MMA, taekwondo and more.

The book answers questions such as:

  • How to improve performance and recovery with food?
  • How to lose and gain weight safely?
  • How to cut weight efficiently in a healthy way?
  • How to choose sports drinks?
  • What to eat during a competition day?
  • What are the right supplements for you?
  • How to plan a healthy diet to support your training?
  • What should young athletes eat? Can they cut weight?

Book details:

  • 9:6 inch
  • soft cover
  • 198 pages
  • English
Weight 320 g
Dimensions 22 × 15 × 1.2 cm

9 reviews for Making Weight & Everything Else

  1. Nadav Zurat

    I got the book about a week before my competition and it helped me very much especially in cutting weight and how to eat during a competition. I won a golden medal, I’m sure the book made a big change and I felt it during the competition.
    Now I’m starting my weight loss diet and I can see already a bit change in the training sessions I have more energy and I feel better during the training.

  2. Sarah

    A very interesting read, much more than making weight as title suggests. Very interesting piece on nutrition, vitamins, minerals, very responsibly written with safety and well-being promoted foremost throughout.

  3. Derren Jones (verified owner)

    Great read. As a novice at understanding weight management for Judo I found this book a simple guide in order what to do.

    It covers all facets of weight management and is very cleverly crafted so that a novice like me can understand and I showed to and inkent it to an expert in our club and they found it highly useful as well.

    If you or someone you know needs to manage their weight for sport this is a must read.

  4. Louise Renicks

    As an retired athlete and now coach in recreational and performance coaching, I wanted to look more into being able to explain to parents and children about healthy weight loss and cuts. I enjoyed how the book was broke down, easy to follow and examples to help.
    Hearing about true stories and the effect it has and how changing food can help, rather than layering up.
    I will encourage athletes and coaches to read this book to help with a basic understanding of the body and the effects.

  5. John Pallister (verified owner)

    As an adult student Judoka looking to compete more, I have enjoyed reading Amelie’s book and have been able to apply her advice on cutting weight immediately to great effect. I’m looking forward to integrating the material on weight management as well. This book is so good that I’ve just bought another copy for my coach. Thanks Amelie!

  6. Tania (verified owner)

    Fist of all, I think it’s a must read for every coach in combat sports! Though even my boyfriend who does powerlifting is reading this book now to cover gaps in basic nutrition knowledge. Despite information density, this book is a pleasant reading and it’s full of examples, different life situations and decision proposals.

  7. Bert Depelseneer

    Leerrijk boek geschreven door iemand met kennis van zaken die naast een opleiding in de materie te hebben genoten ook alles in de praktijk heeft meegemaakt en ondervonden, een combinatie dat een enorme meerwaarde biedt.
    Duidelijk gestructureerd en begrijpbaar, ook voor iemand die de Engelse taal niet als moedertaal heeft.
    De inhoud is nuttig voor alle sporters en zeker niet alleen gericht op judoka’s.

  8. Nancy Marie Nieto, SanDan NiDan. (verified owner)

    I got your book for our anniversary. He was delighted to see that many of the things he had been teaching over the last 51 years are validated. Easy to read good for athletes , parents and coaches. Do you have another one in the data banks. Mark it sold…to me!

  9. Jerzy Bojanowski (verified owner)

    This book is an absolute treasure. I am the dad of young judoka and have long been looking for information on the diet for a young athlete. This book is a complete and very accessible (even for people without general chemical and biological knowledge) compendium of knowledge on the subject of physiology and nutrition in martial arts. If you are serious about practicing your sport, you must read this book. Great thanks to the authors!

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