How to lose weight without a diet (part 2)

Food choices

To lose weight you don’t necessarily need to eat less, sometimes it’s just a matter of making other choices. I’m not saying you should only eat light or fat-free products, I’m actually not a big fan of all the light products. There are a lot of other different things you can do that can help, but you probably never thought about it.

Bread spread

Instead of using butter on your sandwich, try using some healthy alternatives like hummus, avocado, (low-fat) cream cheese, ricotta, cottage cheese,…


Eat vegetables at every meal and serve multiple choices during dinner and lunch. More choices in vegetables make you eat more even if you’re not really trying.┬áTry to vary every day and make sure your different vegetables have different colors. Different colors have different vitamins and minerals. Good ways to prepare your daily portion of veggies are steaming, cooking, roasting, grilling,… or just raw.

Whole grain

Choose whole-grain products. For example, brown or wild rice, bulgur, quinoa, barley, buckwheat, oats (oatmeal), rye flour (rye bread), and whole-wheat bread,… Whole grain products are a good source of fiber. They make you feel full longer, help control blood glucose levels and blood cholesterol, prevent constipation, and have other benefits.


Red sauces are in general less fat and lower in energy than white sauces.

Green tea

Drink green tea after your meal. It contains various bioactive compounds and is a source of antioxidants. Green tea has many benefits. It could help you lose weight, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, it can help with depression, and is even good for your skin. In Japan, it’s really common to drink green tea. Even if you don’t believe the health claims of green tea, it might be a healthy alternative as a dessert to finish your meal.


Instead of cereal, you could choose oatmeal. It has a lot less sugar and contains more fiber. Oatmeal can give you a full feeling for a longer time. It doesn’t have to be boring, you could add fruits, nuts, or seeds, but don’t exaggerate otherwise it can become a very big meal.


Enjoy food as much as you can. When you buy yourself a treat, only buy the best and most delicious. You shouldn’t eat treats you only like a little, you should eat treats you LOVE. Eat just a little but enjoy every bite.


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