The magic of the chocolate diet

How would it sound if I tell you that you can eat one pack of chocolate every week and still lose weight? No, this is not a wish full thinking, it is the true. Actually a lot of people will reach their goal weight a whole lot easier with eating one pack of chocolate a week than without.

How does the diet work?

You don’t need to be a genius to understand that if you’re going to eat tons of chocolate there is no way you’re going to lose weight. Chocolate contains 500-600kcal per 100g – that’s 1/3 – 1/5 of the energy of a normal daily diet. But it doesn’t mean that you should avoid chocolate all together. Diets are not made out of prohibited and allowed foods, but they rather give you some kind of idea of the quantities of food type’s you should be eating.

“The chocolate” diet is a diet fitting your daily needs, while still allowing you to eat 20-30g of chocolate a day, every single day. I know that for most chocolate addicts this is not that much, but instead of craving for chocolate all week long to finally arrive at the weekend and surrender to the urge (and probably eat a pack or two) it will give your mind some peace knowing that it’s fine to eat a little bit of chocolate every day. As a bonus dark chocolate does have some health benefits.

From experience with clients following this ‘diet’ I’ve learnt that:

  • Knowing you’re allowed to eat 20-30g of chocolate a day will decrease the stress around it.
  • The feeling of “guilt” after eating chocolate doesn’t exist anymore because you are allowed to.
  • The chocolate craves disappear.
  • It’s more socially accepted to be on a diet and still eat chocolate.
Benefits of dark chocolate
  • Dark quality chocolate with a high percentage of cacao is rich in manganese, copper, iron and magnesium (>50% of the recommended daily dose per 100g).
  • Dark chocolate has plenty of antioxidants and some studies show that its antioxidant effect is equal or even stronger than acai berries and blueberries.
  • Some studies show that chocolate can reduce blood pressure, improve blood cholesterol, lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases and improve brain functions.
  • To enjoy these health benefits you do need to eat dark chocolate, as all these benefits are connected to the cacao in chocolate. White and milk chocolate do not contain enough cacao to have these health benefits.


One of my clients that was on the chocolate diet said the following:

When I first heard about the chocolate diet, I immediately thought: ‘This is something for me! I tried many diets and every time it failed, just because I craved for sugar all the time and therefore I gave up after some weeks. Because I was given a personal diet that matched my needs, it was way easier to also maintain the diet. In the begin it was still difficult, cause it takes time to change bad habits. I’ve been following the diet for about 5 weeks now and I lost 5kg. It’s getting easier and easier to follow, because my eating habits are changing. Every day I can eat 3 small pieces of chocolate and this makes a big difference. Every time I feel like eating something sweet I can eat my chocolate and because everyone knows I’m on a chocolate diet nobody is surprised by it. I’m losing weight and still I’m able to eat my favorite comfort food.


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