The magic of the chocolate diet

How would it sound if I tell you that you can eat one pack of chocolate every week and still lose weight? No, this is not wish full thinking, it is the true. Actually a lot of people will reach their goal weight a whole lot easier with eating one pack of chocolate a week.

The secret

The secret of the chocolate diet is that besides your normal daily healthy nutrition you need to eat 20 – 30 g of chocolate a day. 20 -30 g of chocolate a day makes about one pack a week. The secret: The diet  is easier to keep.

It’s proven that chocolate has a lot of health benefits. Especially dark chocolate contains a lot of minerals and antioxidants. It helps preventing cardiovascular diseases and may improve brain function. Off course like with everything you shouldn’t exaggerate. Chocolate gives you also feeling of satiety and happiness.

When I first heard about the chocolate diet, I immediately thought: ‘This is something for me! I tried many diets and every time it failed, just because I craved for sugar all the time and therefore I gave up after some weeks. Because I was given a personal diet that matched my needs, it was way easier to also maintain the diet. In the begin it was still difficult, cause it takes time to change bad habits. I’ve been following the diet for about 5 weeks now and I lost 5kg. It’s getting easier and easier to follow, because my eating habits are changing. Every day I can eat 3 small pieces of chocolate and this makes a big difference. Every time I feel like eating something sweet I can eat my chocolate and because everyone knows I’m on a chocolate diet nobody is surprised by it. I’m losing weight and still I’m able to eat my favourite comfort food.

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