Presentations and workshops

Presentations & workshops

In addition to individual guidance, I also give presentations and workshops. Presentations & workshop are adjusted to the audience and can be done in English or Dutch. To give you an idea these are some of the possibilities. If you are interested in a presentation or workshop you can contact me and we can discuss the topics.


What does a judo player eat?

Best for judo players of all levels, ages 10-15 years and their parents.
Duration: 1h – 1h30

A presentation about healthy nutrition and nutrition around trainings typically given in judo clubs. The audience is often a combination of youngsters and their parents. It gives answers to questions like: What does it mean to eat healthy? What should you eat before training? What do should you bring with you to a competition? It’s directed to youngsters with a lot of examples and very practical advises.

There is always the option to combine a lecture about nutrition and a judo training.


General healthy nutrition

For anyone that is interested in healthy nutrition, 16+
Duration: 1h – 1h30

This presentation gives a more detailed explanation about healthy nutrition and is typically given to a more mature public. All the different information around nutrition is hard to grasp. Does healthy nutrition really change from day to day? What is the truth about super foods? Is it really that bad to eat gluten? The goal of this presentation is that everybody leaves with an idea of what they should eat.


How nutrition can improve your performance

Best for competitive combat sport athletes and coaches 16+
Duration: 1h – 1h30

Competitive athletes will always look for the edge to make them have an advantage and increase there chances of succes.Performance is directly related to nutrition, so in order to excel in your sport you need to not only train hard, but also eat right. So, what does that mean? What do you actually need to eat? What kind of foods will give you that extra boost? Are there any legal supplements that can give you this little extra to win? This presentation will help you get some basic idea of what it means to eat right and how to use nutrition to allow you to train harder and perform better.


Weight management for combat sports

Best for competitive combat sport athletes and coaches 16+
Duration: 1h – 1h30 

Another important subject to discuss when working with or being an athlete in combat sports is weight cutting. While there is a lot of information out there, a lot of athletes and coaches keep holding on to old methods and believes. Unfortunately they put themselves and their performance at an unnecessary risk. This presentation will give you the information you need, not to run in sweat suits anymore for 3 days in a row. By making some tactical changes in your diet you can make it yourself a whole lot easier to cut the weight