5 Golden rules to a healthy diet

People from different cultures follow different diet patterns that are affected by habits, availability and local industry. There are many very different eating patterns, and none is superior to the others. What seems to be in common to all healthy diets is not the “what”, but the “how”. It is not the content of a meal that makes it healthy, but the way it is consumed, or in short: the five golden rules. Variety No single food type contains all the essential nutrients. Food variation decreases the risk of deficiencies and challenges your taste buds. Moderation Don’t categorize foods as […]

A few words about McGregor’s weight cut for the fight with Mayweather

This weekend it finally happens, the fight everyone is speaking about for months now. Conor McGregor will take one Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about McGregor is a UFC fighter and current Lightweight Champion (146-155lb or 66-70kg) who never competed professional boxing before. The 29 years old Irish athlete challenged the unbeaten 40 years old boxing legend Mayweather to a duel. Mayweather has 49 wins under his belt and never lost a fight in his whole career. The fighters will have to be 154lb or 70kg at the time of weigh-in […]

How tall are Olympic athletes?

When I was doing research for my book I came across the list if participants of the Olympics 2012. I wanted to check what the average height was of the athletes in every weight category.  After putting the results in a graph I discovered that there is a clear correlation between the discipline and the weight-height ratio. Athletes of striking combat sports (such as boxing and taekwando) are in average taller than fighters of grappling sports (such as wrestling and judo), which makes a lot of sense knowing that reach is an important advantage in striking sports while power will […]

4 supplements for competition

Today I share with you some supplements that might help you win a fight. These items can give you a push in the right direction, but can’t replace a good nutrition base. Supplements can only help if you’ve got your baseline right: Preparing your body for a competition starts already a few days before the event; intake during competition should provide energy and hydration.  There will be separate posts about these matters, today we will focus only on the extras. Sports drink: During a competition your body needs water, energy and electrolytes to keep functioning properly. Sports drinks provide exactly that: They […]

9 actions to take to lose weight without starving yourself

Losing weight requires you to take action. Don’t postpone it and start today! After the two previous posts about losing weight without a diet here are some more tips. One of the easiest ways to become aware of what it is exactly that you eat is starting a food diary. Write down everything you eat and drink. How did you feel after eating? What was the surrounding like when you ate? Did you enjoy the food? Are there external cues driving your eating decisions? How long did it take you to eat? Be as precise as possible! Time your meals and make sure […]