Athletes nutrition & weight management

This is my absolute specialty. I believe nutrition can be a legal drug to improve your results. Therefore you need a good nutritional base with the necessary fine-tuning.  As a former athlete I understand the difficulties of eating right and weight management. As a dietitian I helped many athletes in different sports to reach their goals, improve performance and reach their competition weight.

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Improve your performance:

To bring your performance to the next level you need a personal nutritional plan. A good nutrition plan supports your training and helps recovery.

Make weight efficiently:

Losing and cutting weight are common practices leading up to a competition, but doesn’t need to be a torture and unhealthy. When approaching a competition, I work with a special 1-week schedule to reach your weight and be ready to kick-ass. So far my method has a 100% success rate.

Get 100% attention

As an athlete, you often have unexpected changes of plans and other difficulties. For additional questions and advice, I’m always easy to reach with text messages, email or Skype.

Everywhere in the world and online

Moving to a clinic for advice often does not fit into the busy schedule of an athlete and becomes quite difficult when being in a training camp. I believe in flexibility. My consultations are mostly online, so you only need a smartphone, tablet or PC and all the information you need will come to you.