Update of the nutritional guidelines

Once in a while nutritional guidelines get reviewed. These are the latest guidelines from the Netherlands 2016.

What changed?

It’s advised to eat a lot more vegetables. Most people don’t reach the recommended amount of 300g a day. Try to add vegetables to all your meals. You could increase your daily amount by snacking on some raw vegetables like carrots, cucumber, cherry tomatoes,… Vegetables are an important source of vitamins and minerals. Make sure you vary because not all vegetables contain the same things.

Eat nuts. Sometimes people are scared away from nuts because they contain a considerable amount of fat, however those fats are healthy fats. The new recommendation is a daily portion of unsalted nuts. (one portion = one handful)

Eat legumes on a regular base. Legumes are popular in vegetarians, but they are also very healthy for meat eaters. They lower bad cholesterol and improve blood vessel health. It is recommended to replace your meat once a week by legumes. Examples are lentils, chickpeas, white beans, red beans, brown beans,…

Drink tea. The Netherlands is the first country to advise drinking tea in there official guidelines. In Japan they’re already drinking green tea for ages. Tea can reduce blood pressure and the chances of a stroke. The recommendation is 3 cups of green or black tea a day.

Juices are no longer considered to be a good alternative for fruit. They contain a lot of sugar and lost a lot of their vitamins and fibres. Eating fresh fruit without juicing it is a much healthier idea. From now on juice is seen as a product that should be consumed with care and in low amounts.

The advice of eating fish twice a week has been changed to once a week. This doesn’t mean that fish is unhealthy!

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