4 supplements for competition

Today I share with you some supplements that might help you win a fight. These items can give you a push in the right direction, but can’t replace a good nutrition base. Supplements can only help if you’ve got your baseline right: Preparing your body for a competition starts already a few days before the event; intake during competition should provide energy and hydration.  There will be separate posts about these matters, today we will focus only on the extras. Sports drink: During a competition your body needs water, energy and electrolytes to keep functioning properly. Sports drinks provide exactly that: They […]

Get the best out your training

  Nutrition around the training has three important pillars: Timing: Timing is important to prevent stomach and intestinal complaints. Hydration: The failure to stay hydrated will have a negative effect on performance. Energy: To train one must have sufficient amounts energy. If you tank a car to drive 100km and you need to drive 200km you have a problem. Before training: The goal of nutrition before training is to be sufficiently hydrated and to have enough energy. A good hydration status can be achieved by drinking adequate amounts of water. It is better to drink too much than too little. […]

Why are protein shakes so popular?

Whey protein shakes are very popular in power sports. While it is important to consume adequate protein to build, maintain and recover muscle tissues, protein requirements can be easily achieved through a normal diet. So why everyone is paying so much for these products? Whey protein is the most common used protein in protein shakes. The advantage of a whey protein shake is that it is faster absorbed than any other protein and contains a high dose of BCAA, amino acids that are mainly found in the muscles. In other words you give your body the blocks it needs to […]