10-days challenge: Leave out added sugar from your diet

A few years ago fat got the blame of feeding the obesity epidemic, but now there is more and more evidence that it is sugar who is responsible. When all fingers pointed at fat being the guilty one the food industry responded by making food without fat. When taking the fat out, they put sugar instead to make sure the food still had some taste.

The magic of the chocolate diet

How would it sound if I tell you that you can eat one pack of chocolate every week and still lose weight? No, this is not a wish full thinking, it is the true. Actually a lot of people will reach their goal weight a whole lot easier with eating one pack of chocolate a week than without. How does the diet work? You don’t need to be a genius to understand that if you’re going to eat tons of chocolate there is no way you’re going to lose weight. Chocolate contains 500-600kcal per 100g – that’s 1/3 – 1/5 […]

8 food swaps that will make you lose weight without dieting

To lose weight you don’t necessarily need to eat less, sometimes it’s just a matter of making other choices. I’m not saying you should only eat light or fat free products, I’m actually not a big fan of all the light products. There are a lot of other different thinks you can do that can help, but you probably never thought about it. Instead of using butter on your sandwich, try using some healthy alternatives like hummus, avocado, (low-fat) cream cheese, ricotta, cottage cheese,… Eat more vegetables. Remember that during dinner half of your plate should be vegetables! Try to […]