What not to do when a child is 200g too heavy?

The question of weight cutting in kids is a sensitive issue. My point of view about it is pretty clear: weight cutting is something that should be avoided as much as possible, especially at young age. Kids should eat healthily and consume enough energy for their growth and if a child can’t stay in one weight category with a healthy diet – it’s time to move up the weight. Because children and adolescents are growing, changing weight category is inevitable. I share this point of view in the lectures I give in judo clubs and at this point there’s always […]

“I have to watch my weight”

First published in JudoContact “I have to watch my weight.” Every competitive fighter has said this phrase at some point in his career. You put add less food on your plate and skip the delicious dessert. If you couldn’t resist eating chocolate, you’re going to run an extra round to undo the damage because next week there is a competition. All this discipline is necessary because you do not want to fight against those heavier opponents. After the competition the big reward follows, a bag of chips in the cafeteria, a quick bite in a fast food restaurant and when […]