Get the best out your training

  Nutrition around the training has three important pillars: Timing: Timing is important to prevent stomach and intestinal complaints. Hydration: The failure to stay hydrated will have a negative effect on performance. Energy: To train one must have sufficient amounts energy. If you tank a car to drive 100km and you need to drive 200km you have a problem. Before training: The goal of nutrition before training is to be sufficiently hydrated and to have enough energy. A good hydration status can be achieved by drinking adequate amounts of water. It is better to drink too much than too little. […]

Why do dogs need a gluten free diet?

Recently I see a lot of gluten free products appearing in the supermarkets: Gluten free popcorn, gluten free rice crackers, gluten free meat, gluten free water and yes even gluten free dog food. Why is this upsetting and funny at the same time? Those products never had any gluten to begin with and the industry just takes advantage of the hype and the lack of knowledge. What is gluten? Gluten is a protein naturally found in wheat, rye and barley. It is often added to bread to increase dough strength, make pasta more spongy and rubbery and granola bars more […]

10 tips to lose weight without crazy dieting

You don’t need to go on crazy diets to achieve the weight you dream of. Crazy diets almost always work, but they almost never keep the weight off. These diets are usually really sever. It’s obvious that when you eat almost nothing you’ll lose weight. The problem is that, even if you are strong enough to keep the diet for as long as it’s recommended to keep them, after the diet is finished you go back to your old habits. Those habits got you to go over your goal weight to begin with. Therefore changing your habits might be a better solution. Eat […]

Why are protein shakes so popular?

Whey protein shakes are very popular in power sports. While it is important to consume adequate protein to build, maintain and recover muscle tissues, protein requirements can be easily achieved through a normal diet. So why everyone is paying so much for these products? Whey protein is the most common used protein in protein shakes. The advantage of a whey protein shake is that it is faster absorbed than any other protein and contains a high dose of BCAA, amino acids that are mainly found in the muscles. In other words you give your body the blocks it needs to […]